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2017: What I Have Watched

At the start of 2017, I told myself to (try) keep a list of theatre/live performances that I have attended so I could review it at the end of the year. I predicted that I would watch at least 50 performances and I was right!!!

This is pretty much where most of my money went.



2. Actor 四十 by The Necessary Stage

3. Chicago the Musical

4. Guns N' Roses Concert

5. The Pillowman by Pangdemonium

6. PRISM by Toy Factory Productions

7. Fundamentally Happy 本质上快乐 by Nine Years Theatre

8. The Golden Record by NUS Stage

9. Those Who Can't, Teach by The Necessary Stage

10. With/Out by Loo Zi Han

11. Petty People by NUS Theatre Studies

12. Normal by Checkpoint Theatre

13. Coldplay Concert

14. Itsy the Musical by The Finger Players

15. The Actors' Collective Showcase

16. Hand to God by Singapore Repertory Theatre

17. 老九 the Musical by The Theatre Practice

18. Playwriting Showcase at Checkpoint Theatre

19. Tropicana the Musical

20. Saga Seed Theatre Dramatized Readings

21. Tango by Pangdemonium

22. Art as Res Publicae (O.P.E.N.)

23. Being Haresh Sharma by Cake Theatrical Productions

24. Lizard on the Wall (O.P.E.N.)

25. Unsettled Assignments / Unforgetting Space (O.P.E.N.)

26. Spectres & Spectres Live (O.P.E.N.)

27. Threshold of Listening (O.P.E.N.)

28. Frago by Checkpoint Theatre

29. O.P.E.N. Kitchens

30. Permanence by Toy Factory Productions

31. The xx Concert

32. Chicken Curry by Toy Factory Productions

33. Sejarah-ku by Toy Factory Productions

34. Without Reason by M1 Peer Pleasure

35. Army Daze 2 by Michael Chiang

36. The Orange Playground: Drip + Whale Fall by The Necessary Stage

37. Art Studio 画室 by Nine Years Theatre

38. Becoming Graphic by Edith Podesta

39. Noise in Silence by NUS Thespis

40. Dragonflies by Pangdemonium

41. Eat My Shorts by Dark Matter Theatrics

42. The Singapore 'd' Monologues

43. Fun Home by Pangdemonium

44. Off Kilter by TheatreWorks

45. Grandmother Tongue by Wild Rice

46. Both Sides, Now by Drama Box

47. Advanced Playwriting Showcase at Checkpoint Theatre

48. Because, The Night by TheatreWorks

49. The Skriker by LASELLE BA Acting

50. Love Is Blind the Musical

51. Works in Development Showcase by Checkpoint Theatre

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