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For Vidsee Juree Singapore 2018


Directed and Written by Michael Ng
Executive Producers: Abigail Lim, Clement You, Michael Ng 

Directer of Photography - Clement You

Production Designers - Abigail Lim, Toh Jia Han

Cast – Shannen Tan, Danny Yeo, Shirley Chua, Eric Zhou

A submission for Vidsee Juree Singapore 2018 - Awarded Special Mention (Out - of - Competition)


Weight is a post-dramatic exploration of the pain, isolation and irony of education in modern society. Trapped in a stairwell, a solitary school student plods upward with an enormous suitcase. A lifetime of received demands, expectations, and remarks pervade the air, assailing her with every step. In her fatigue, she slips into memories of a distant father whose gaze somehow never leaves her. Will she ever understand what she continues to climb for? And what awaits her at the top?

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