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8th and 17th November 2016

Directed by: Natalie Hennedige, Artistic Director and founder of Cake Theatrical Productions
Performed by: Class of TS2233, Making Contemporary Performance

A set of studied gestures are the building units for multiple and multi-layered performance expressions. UNITS is a performance showing; a culmination of 13 weeks of discovering the possibilities of contemporary performance making. Physical Vocabulary and Written Text (a selection of writings from classic plays to song lyrics and original writing) ignite on the empty stage when 23 bodies come into being. 

23 bodies, alive and present - displaying the uniqueness of individuality and the collective expressiveness of an ensemble in performance

A pastiche of referents - some from literature and poetry, some from pop songs and some from well known plays - serve as source material for the creation of play units with the common theme of cathartic disruption. In each unit, there’s always a conflict between two parties, and there’s always a disruptor (manifest or conceptual) that interrupts the action to varying degrees. What kept me as an audience entertained was the creative ways with which the ensemble dealt with the challenge of ‘intervention’...The diversity of units either called for appreciation for their ingenuity or brought in opportunities for the actors to display their commitment to their fleeting roles.



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