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Produced by A Mirage

Two Pigeons at Holland Village Sushi Tei Eating Leftovers

18th - 22nd May 2022

Projector X: Riverside 

Sold out shows

Devised / Performed by Shannen Tan and Victoria Chen

Director / Playwright: Edward Eng

Producers: Theo Apu Chen and Pearlyn Tay (A Mirage)


​In 2011, my friends and I celebrated something important to us at that time at a Sushi Tei. We were still hungry and so we ate leftover rice from the table next to us. The memory of getting caught remains etched so clearly in my mind, both in image and in feeling. Time seems to have accelerated since then, but the past two years went by so quickly it seems more like a black hole. The real question is what happens next?

Two Pigeons... is a quiet play for everyone stepping into the post-pandemic era, featuring lots of animals, video footage from the early 2010s, Sheng Siong, and small dances.

It explores the coming months of hyper-socialisation, and whether we can live with ourselves when we've given up trying to fall in love. For this reason, the show is likely to be wacky but also a bit sad. If all else fails, there's pet fish to keep us company. Feel free to relax a little.

Two Pigeons then, applies that feeling to its execution, playing in a small corner of Projector X: Riverside and leaning in fully to its pub theatre aesthetic to produce a surreal, dreamy, work filled with makeshift props and lighting, handheld videos, and bordering-on-absurdist language. It’s charmingly offbeat, and encapsulates a certain millennial style of guerrilla theatre that allows us to better suspend our disbelief, and endears us to all its strangeness.



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