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A Short Story about Geometry by Heman Chong

Transactions will take place Saturdays and Sundays over the course of the exhibition period, 21 September – 6 November 2018, starting each day from 1.00pm.

Role: Performer / Instructor / Facilitator 

Be a part of Heman Chong’s durational performance as part of the exhibition Stagings. Soundings. Readings. Free Jazz II. 

Heman Chong’s A Short Story About Geometry is a transaction between an instructor and a participant, with the main “protagonist” being a short story written by the artist in 2009. It is the first of seven stories, each approximately 500 words long and specifically written to be transmitted via memorising the story, word for word. The story is taught only verbally by the instructor, who holds the text in her hands.

Participants are requested to not leave the room until the transaction is completed, and they have memorised the story by heart. Chong has promised that this story will never be published neither on paper nor digitally; the content remains known only to the instructor and the participants. As they offer their time and energy to receive the gift of the story, a unique way of ‘reading’ it emerges each time this situation occurs.

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