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Paper Monkey Theatre

Journey to the West: Web of Deceit

Performed in English and Mandarin as Sun Wu Kong for Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok tour
Performed in Mandarin as Tang Shan Zang for Huayi: Chinese Festival of Arts 2020 

Web of Deceit is a fascinating tale from the classic story Journey to the West, where Master Tang San Zang and his disciples go on an exhilarating adventure to the Western region. While on their journey, they meet the crafty Spider Demons who spin their webs and traps Master Tang and Pigsy to prepare for a feast! Will the disciples be able to save their master before it is too late?

Performed by Paper Monkey Theatre with traditional Teochew Metal Rod Puppetry in a contemporary theatrical style, Web of Deceit is an entertaining experience packed with exciting battle sequences that is perfect for the young and young-at-heart!

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