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Produced by A Mirage

Hitting (on) Women

8th - 12th June 2022

Projector X: Riverside 

Sold out shows

Hitting (On) Women by Ovidia Yu 
Directed by Victoria Chen 
Starring Elisha Beston, Shannen Tan, and Kimberley Ng
Stage Managed by Monteverde Day 
Assistant Stage Managed by Ines Denoga 
Produced by Pearlyn Tay & Theo Chen
Supported by Heckin' Unicorn 


First staged in 2007, Hitting (On) Women is a play about first loves and how they can haunt you. Twenty years after the relationship ends, a woman receives a phone call from her first ex-girlfriend’s mother, who informs the woman of her ex’s death. As memories and visions of her ex-girlfriend return, the woman relives memories of loss, confusion, and regret in her life, kick-started by the events of her first relationship.

I really loved what I saw! It feels like you brought out what I wanted to say with this piece better than I could. I was really impressed with the authenticity, loving vulnerability, and strength in Shannen Tan...Thank you to you all for choosing to do this piece


Ovidia Yu

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