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Produced by Gangguan!

Do Rhinos Feel Their Horns?

4th May - 7th May 2023

Centre 42 Blackbox

Do Rhinos Feel Their Horns (or can they not see them like how we can't see our noses) by Edward Eng

Rooted in Eugene Ionesco's Rhinoceros in Love
Directed by Adeeb Fazah 
Starring Cheryl Ho, Shannen Tan

Sound Designer: Vick Low
Associate Producer: Lim Shien Hian

“What if the reason I don’t like capitalism is that I just wanna chill out a bit?”

Rhinoceroses or capybaras? Blackpink or something less cling clangy? Two old friends are making a radio play for the internet. This week’s episode is about the ‘rhinoceritis epidemic’ in the 1980s, where rhinoceroses have inexplicably started taking over the growing metropolis of Singapore.

Do Rhinos Feel Their Horns? (or can they not see them like how we can’t see our noses) is rooted in Eugene Ionesco’s Rhinoceros but re-asks what conformism means as we live through what is objectively the best time in human history. It is funny, bleak, sometimes joyous, but always full of play. Expect some interesting sounds.

Following its Singapore run in May, Rhinos is set to travel to the Edinburgh Fringe where it will run from 15th to 27th August at major Fringe venue Summerhall.

These are sharp, satirical moments – delivered by two ebullient, shape-shifting actors – that question the place of individuality in a communitarian society...Do Rhinos Feel Their Horns? takes a different tack. And while that muddles the message at times, it is its own species of riotous fun and sneaky caricature.


Shawn Hoo of The Straits Times

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