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Directed by Clare Chong
Cast – Jacinda Yee, Brian Yulo Ng, Sam Sidhwani, Brookes, Xin Wei, Shannen Tan

Subsonic Eye are fairly new to the scene but 2016 really feels like it's going to be their breakout year. We've already been impressed by their presence at live shows and their incredible, reverb-drenched single 'Cosmic Realignment' - so we're glad to see that the young band have more up their sleeves.

New single '2daze' goes even deeper into their shimmery, hazy aesthetic, led beautifully by Wahidah's mellow vocal style. And as the proverbial cherry on top, the detached and ethereal track is also given further resonance thanks to Clare Chong's colorfully bizarre music video.

Lo-fi and psychedelic dream-pop is often accompanied by nostalgic, monochromatic landscapes, so its refreshing to see these inventive kids going for a more avant and arresting visual palette. Filled with strange pastel-painted bodies dancing in a field and striking neo-noir close-ups perfect for The Neon Demon, Subsonic Eye's newest release is a feast for the ears and eyes.


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