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These are sharp, satirical moments – delivered by two ebullient, shape-shifting actors – that question the place of individuality in a communitarian society...Do Rhinos Feel Their Horns? takes a different tack. And while that muddles the message at times, it is its own species of riotous fun and sneaky caricature.

The Straits Times on Do Rhinos Feel Their Horns?

Tan, who also independently produced the play, is captivating in her painfully human portrayal of Jane and how she coped with losing the perfect life she once had, taking us on a journey through the five stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance...Educational, hilarious and gut-wrenchingly sincere, Lotus Root Support Group is a must watch.

City Nomads on Lotus Root Support Group

In terms of actual acting, major roles are shared amongst several cast members...amidst the Macbeths, it is Shannen Tan’s brief scene which unexpectedly captures our attention with her non-traditional approach to the character. Here, she differentiates herself from the others by toning down on the dramatics, instead giving Macbeth an understated air of quiet confidence at his most vicious, utterly remorseless and calm.

Bakchormeeboy on Anything Can Happen / Something Must Happen

Contemporary plays covered included Faith Ng’s Normal and Joel Tan’s Mosaic, both of which featured actress Shannen Tan whose surprisingly layered performances captured the rough-hewn exterior of her ‘ah lian’ characters, but also possessed a hint of vulnerability and softness lying underneath.

Bakchormeeboy on Love Bites

Finally, the play would be nothing without powerful performances from its cast, leading with an exceptional portrayal of Cheng Ho by Shannen Tan that echoes Fanny Kee’s original performance of the role.

CENTRE 42 on Furthest North, Deepest South


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